PBI’s Lecturer attended UNS International Seminar 2016 “Interlingual and Intercultural Communication Competence”

On November 15-16 2016, Universitas Sebelas Maret Solo held an International Seminar on Translation. I am, Andi Dian Rahmawan as one of PBI UPY took a part as a presenter to present my paper about translating Proverbs from Indonesian to English. This seminar invited all translator experts, teachers and lecturers who are interested in translation activities. Julianne House was invited as keynote speaker delivered her research on how to produce multicultural, acceptable and understandable high quality translation both in literary and academic texts. There were a lot of questions regarding her paper presentation, including me, whose question regarding my research on producing high quality translation on tranlating proverbs from Indonesian to English. Most of presenters come from big universities that held translation as core subjects that they assume that this seminar will be beneficial to develop and increase competency on conducting translation lectures.

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